Control Your Web Hosting offers and assortment of Hosting
Packages. Remember, this is for HOSTING, you will still need to
get a domain name and Build Your Site.

Let us help you make this a Sun Rise for your Business, Not a Sun Set.

1.  All packages will include YOUR OWN Cpanel.
2.  You will have enough space (aka Quota) and Bandwidth for
a very large site.
3.  Videos, music files, and other large files should reside
on YOUR YouTube, Amazon S3, or some other suitable storage
and then “called in” to your site. This is a very normal
hosting requirement. See our Terms and Policies.
4.  You will have sufficient email accounts.
5.  You will have sufficient, data bases and more tools than
most web designer would ever need.

The following packages are for Clients of
ControlYourOwnWebSites.com as well as Anyone else.

Monthly Plan:
If you just want to try our service before a longer term
commitment, this may be for you.
Monthly cost is $15.00 per month until canceled or upgraded. To Order, click on the Subscribe Button on the Right under Monthly.
(see the Just to be Clear statement below).

Quarterly Plan (3 months):
Longer term, but saves you money.
$40.00 per Quarter
You save $5.00 over the Monthly plan.
Quarterly cost is billed until canceled or upgraded.  To Order, click on the Subscribe Button on the Right under Quarterly. (see the Just to be Clear statement below).

Yearly Plan (12 Months):
This is the best option for saving money.
$150.00 per year.
You save $30.00 over the Monthly plan and $10.00 over the
Quarterly plan. Yearly cost is billed each year until canceled.  To Order, click on the Subscribe Button on the Right under Yearly.(see the Just to be Clear statement below).

Your Subscription choice will be ONGOING (meaning each billing cycle you will be automatically charged until you contact us to Cancel).
CANCELLATIONS must reach us at Least Three (3) Business Days (Weekends and Holidays are not business days) BEFORE your account is to be renewed in order for us to stop your billing.
If you do not cancel BEFORE the billing renews, your account will be charged.
Of Coarse, Your Site will STOP WORKING if your Subscription is Canceled without being UPGRADED to a different Time Frame or if your payment is rejected for any reason.
You must allow time after subscribing to get your site built and running, it is not instant.
NO REFUNDS. Please Choose the plan that suits your needs.
We know that most people will attend to their business. If there is some very special circumstances that prevent you from continuing your account, Please Contact Us.

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